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Awning Canopy

Awning Canopy in Delhi

The beauty of a retractable awning canopy system is in the sheer flexibility it offers, at the touch of a button. Canopy Tensile Structure used For restaurants, leisure, retail and events spaces, the challenge is to provide the best possible ambience for the ever demanding customer, while at the same time maximising the available footprint to allow for dependable, revenue generating activities and events.

A tensile retractable fabric roof allows businesses to make the most of their outdoor space, ensuring that customers can enjoy an alfresco experience when the weather allows and protection from rain, wind or even excessive sunshine when it's needed.

Our retractable awning system is a lightweight, high performance structure that is modular in design to suit those with a custom requirement who lack the budget that an entirely custom design warrants. In fact, Royal Tensile Structure bridges the gap between cost prohibitive custom products and low specification retractable structures often lacking in build quality.Royal Tensile Structure is manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, venders and distributors of Awnings,retractable awnings, Awnings in Delhi, Awnings manufacturer in India, Awning in Gurgaon, Awnings manufacturer in Gurgaon,Awnings India, Awning in Noida, Awning manufacturer in Faridabad and Ghaziabad

Retractable awning summary :

  • Tensile fabric roofing system with built in adaptability
  • Retractable for adverse weather conditions or excess sunshine
  • Wireless remote control for quick and easy operation
  • Motorised retraction
  • Inclined to shed rainwater

Loads and spans :

  • Fabric pretension forces are held within aluminium drive beams and perpendiculars
  • Zero tension load is applied to the surrounding architecture
  • Corrosion resistant aluminium framing system
  • Clear spans of up to 30m (4x as wide as other systems)
  • Requires typically half the number of beams used in other systems
  • Engineered to withstand up to 90mph winds

Fabric specifications :

  • Sefar, Tenara, Ferrari tensile fabric
  • 25 year life expectancy
  • Fully recyclable

Suitability :

  • Retrofit or new build
  • Alfresco eating area
  • Adaptable event space
  • Indoor / outdoor shopping centers and retail outlets
  • Leisure facilities