Mission & Vision

It is established policy to provide its services for all sales, manufacture, installation and service to a standard that consistently satisfies and complies with the agreed requirements and expectations of its customers. This will be achieved as economically as possible through compliance with a documented management system in tensile Structure in Chandigarh, Tensile Structure Srinagar

In support of the company long term objectives, Quality Assurance is a discipline central to all aspects of its business and the services provided by its sub- contractors. It is the aim and responsibility of all employees to strive for total customer satisfaction, ensuring the continuing prosperity of the Company. As part of its total commitment to Quality, we have established and documented an Integrated Management System that applies to all Quality Assurance related functions within the organization and ensuring that these meet the requirements of ISO 9001.

The Integrated Management System is subject to regular audit and review in order to continuously improve the effectiveness, to detect and prevent possible errors and to ensure that the system supports the Company Quality Policy and Objectives and remains adequate for the purpose.

The Company is committed to meeting and exceeding customer, statutory and regulatory requirements with the emphasis on continuously improving the Company’s performance and enhancing customer satisfaction all of which will be communicated to the employees on a regular basis we follow:

Timely Delivery: We understand the value of time and deliver the services stipulated time.

Product Quality: We believe in quality rather than quantity industry

Design Innovation: We strive for perfection that comes from innovation we put our designs.

Business Ethics: We follow customer-centric approach ingenuity.

Gavendra Singh & Munna Kumar

Royal Tensile Structure